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{Tuesday, April 01, 2003}

According to Joshua Marshall writing in the Washington Monthly, we should be keeping an eye out for a shift in war rhetoric to include Syria as a possible next target/threat. Rumsfeld's comments Friday start to push in this direction. According to Marshall, Iraq may be the first step in a broad and risky Middle East strategy CLICK HERE: Joshua Marshall writing in the Washington Monthly

FROM: Severo M. Ornstein
posted by STEVE 4:37 PM
Jay Rockefeller, of West Virginia, senior Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee:

"There is a possibility that the fabrication of these documents may be part of a larger deception campaign aimed at manipulating public opinion and foreign policy regarding Iraq." CLICK HERE: SEYMOUR M. HERSH

posted by STEVE 4:34 PM
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posted by STEVE 2:28 PM
FROM: Danny Schechter News Dissector

This music and marketing echoes the advice of radio consultants who are advising clients to go red white and blue all the way. Reports the Washington Post: "Now, apparently, is the time for all good radio and TV stations to come to the aid of their country's war. That is the message pushed by broadcast news consultants, who've been advising news and talk stations across the nation to wave the flag and downplay protest against the war.

"Get the following production pieces in the studio NOW: . . . Patriotic music that makes you cry, salute, get cold chills! Go for the emotion," advised McVay Media, a Cleveland-based consultant, in a "War Manual" memo to its station clients. ". . . Air the National Anthem at a specified time each day as long as the USA is at war."

"The company, which describes itself as the largest radio consultant in the world, also has been counseling talk show stations to "Make sure your hosts aren't 'over the top.' Polarizing discussions are shaky ground. This is not
the time to take cheap shots to get reaction . . . not when our young men and women are 'in harm's way.'" Translation: Keep anti-war voices off the air.
posted by STEVE 10:45 AM
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posted by STEVE 8:20 AM
Speaking With the Enemy

Under the Constitution, giving "aid and comfort" to a wartime enemy can lead to a charge of treason. So far as I know no one has yet suggested that Peter Arnett be charged with that capital offense. But it seems that Mr. Arnett hangs by a rope of his own weaving.

posted by STEVE 6:47 AM