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{Wednesday, April 02, 2003}

Fox News, MSNBC Scrap Over Arnett
Wed April 2, 2003 10:18 PM ET
NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Fox News Channel and MSNBC tussled in a war of words Wednesday over a Fox promo spot that referred to former NBC News/MSNBC contributor Peter Arnett's appearance on Iraqi TV.

Click Here for Reuters Story

posted by STEVE 9:06 PM
Our View: Chalking-free speech  essential on campus

In recent weeks, USM students have taken to the streets to make their voices heard.  From the march on Kennard-Washington to commemorate black history month to the Take Back the Night rally this past week, and every pro and anti war protest in between, USM students have freely expressed their rights to freely express themselves.


posted by STEVE 7:24 PM
New Video from NYC March
CLICK HERE: New York 3/22 Video
posted by STEVE 12:29 PM
Why Arnett's work is worthy putting in context
CLICK HERE: Arnett Baghdad

posted by STEVE 11:38 AM
What a Girl Wants is to avoid making a political statement.
Print advertisements for the teen comedy originally featured a photograph of star Amanda Bynes wearing a tank top with an American flag on it and flashing the peace sign with her fingers as she stands between two British royal guards.
CLICK HERE: Warner doesn't want to get political
posted by STEVE 9:48 AM
NYPost /Page 6
THE Dixie Chicks say they're in danger of bodily harm from folks who are taking their anti-Bush statements a little too personally. The country trio - who got in hot water three weeks ago for telling a London concert audience they were "embarrassed" that George W. Bush is a fellow Texan - told Australian radio they've been receiving threats and some of their property had been vandalized. "We've gotten a lot of hate mail, a lot of threatening mail," Martie Maguire said Saturday after a gig in Sydney. " Emily [Robison ] had the front gate of her ranch smashed in. We have to have security when we get back to the states. It puts my well-being in jeopardy." Even after seeing Dixie Chicks albums banned from radio playlists, Natalie Maines says she's still shocked at the amount of press her tantrum received, reports Sydney journo David J. Baird . "What is wrong with the world when what the Dixie Chicks say is more important than the war? Why does anyone care what we think?" The backlash has left Maguire with "a combination of emotions. Either I want to speak out more or I'm scared to say anything."
posted by STEVE 6:17 AM