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{Saturday, April 05, 2003}

Professors Protest as Students Debate

AMHERST, Mass., April 4 "It is not easy being an old lefty on campus in this war"

At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, awash in antiwar protests in the Vietnam era, a columnist for a student newspaper took a professor to task for canceling classes to protest the war in Iraq, saying the university should reprimand her and refund tuition for the missed periods.

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posted by STEVE
4:07 PM
Re: Should we attack Iraq? [re: Why Attack? ]
No killing is not an answer. It only destroys more life. Life is of great value. It is all about drugs and money and power. I was in america. I am an american. I am very disturbed at what I have seen and heard. Even right here on these pages their is hate and death. Can no one here see that IT IS ALL ABOUT DRUGS AND POWER AND MONEY? How many really believe that these people could walk in and do all that they did to destroy human life in the U.S. without anybody even knowing what they were planning. Come on. Do you really think that it wasn't all planned out. Who really did this is what I want to know. Going after Ben Ladin? I am not really convinced that he did this. If he did, do you really think that they would not have found him by now. There are a lot of things that don't add up.
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posted by STEVE
10:41 AM
Breaking Protocols
Saddam's suicide bombers aren't terrorists.

When Iraqi soldiers dress in civilian clothes and set off bombs at U.S. military checkpoints, or when they pretend to surrender and then pull out rifles and fire at U.S. troops, are they committing acts of "terrorism"?
Bush administration officials have invoked the word. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer recounted such incidents, then said, "We're really dealing with elements of terrorism inside Iraq that are being employed now against our troops." It is no mere matter of semantics to point out that these attacks, whatever else one might call them, have nothing to do with terrorism. Many definitions of that word are floating around, but they all agree that terrorism involves an attack on civilians or private property, not on soldiers or military installations.

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posted by STEVE
10:10 AM
Al Jazeera
It's just as fair as CNN.

By Chris Suellentrop
Posted Wednesday, April 2, 2003, at 4:37 PM PT

If you doubt that Al Jazeera is the clear winner of the Iraq war so far (other than U.S. forces), check out the most recent Lycos 50 , a tally of the most-searched-for words and phrases on the Lycos search engine. The 24-hour Arabic-language TV news network rocketed to the top of the list for last week, outpacing Web standbys such as KaZaA and Pamela Anderson, not to mention hot topics of the moment such as POWs and the Dixie Chicks.

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posted by STEVE 10:08 AM