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{Friday, April 11, 2003}


'Unlilateral' Reporters See Different War in Iraq By Andrew Grossman NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter)
Scott Pelley and Jane Arraf are two of the Pentagon's worst nightmares.
Not because they have angered the military with their reporting in Iraq, but they have covered the war unencumbered from the Pentagon's grip as "unilateral" reporters free to roam Iraq as roving correspondents rather than being "embedded" with a particularly military unit. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY
posted by Pam 1:21 PM
Left behind

Tony Nave, 6, son of U.S. Marine Maj. Kevin G. Nave, hugs a teddy bear after an April 5 funeral service at St. Patrick Church in White Lake, Mich.

Maj. Nave was killed in action in Iraq on March 26

posted by Pam 8:46 AM