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{Thursday, April 17, 2003}

The land that is now Israel has been locked in conflict for more than a hundred years -- with Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians fighting for control -- for what both believe to be rightfully theirs. As war raged on in nearby Iraq, Israelis are concerned that their country may absorb attacks similar to those it suffered during the 1991 Gulf War. Yet, with their long experience of violence and adversity, people here are convinced that life must go on. For some it's a matter of having no alternative. For others it's a matter of faith.
CameraPlanet reports from Israel for HDnet. This broadcast was recorded and transmitted in High Definition Television - this Quicktime movie is in standard definition.
posted by STEVE 6:04 PM

A crusade after all?

Plans of some Christians to evangelize as they offer aid pose dilemma for Iraqi reconstruction.

By Jane Lampman | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

When President Bush called his war on terrorism a "crusade," he backtracked quickly in the face of intense reaction at home and abroad. Now many people are worried that, in the case of Iraq, that inopportune choice of words may turn out to hold more than a modicum of truth... CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY
posted by Pam 2:44 PM
Bush Cultural Advisers Quit Over Iraq Museum Theft
Thu April 17, 2003 04:17 PM ET By Niala Boodhoo
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two cultural advisers to the Bush administration have resigned in protest over the failure of U.S. forces to prevent the wholesale looting of priceless treasures from Baghdad's antiquities museum.

Martin Sullivan, who chaired the President's Advisory Committee on Cultural Property for eight years, and panel member Gary Vikan said they resigned because the looting should never have been allowed to happen.CLICK HERE TO READ STORY
posted by Pam 1:38 PM