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{Friday, April 18, 2003}


Harlem's Anti-War Rally Eyes Troubles at Home By Mosi Secret Village Voice Writer

Last Saturday, demonstrators in Harlem braved hand-numbing cold and rain to raise their voices against the war. Organized by the Black Solidarity Against the War Coalition, the crowd was comprised largely of people of color, and their placards and chants stopped local residents in their tracks. It was the most successful demonstration in the city to date to organize blacks and Latinos against the war.

Demonstrators assembled at Marcus Garvey Park, at Madison and 122nd Street, and marched in a circuitous route through Harlem’s busiest streets to the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building. What was initially a crowd of only a handful grew to 1500 people, with large numbers from the Muslim community and various unions. Demonstrators walked almost three miles, drawing curious gazes from onlookers in shops and on stoops, and from residents perched in windows above the street. CLICK HERE TO READ

www.BlacksAgainstWar.com WEBSITE

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Judge Scolds Cheney Lawyers in Energy Case Appeal By Susan Cornwell

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An appeals judge told lawyers for Vice President Richard Cheney on Thursday they had no basis to ask the court to intervene in a suit seeking White House energy policy papers, saying "you have no case." CLICK HERE TO READ
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I was only asking

In the second of his dispatches from the million-dollar media centre at Qatar, Michael Wolff recounts how he angered the US right.
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