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{Wednesday, April 30, 2003}


Senator Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510

Dear Barbara,

Peter Coyote's Letter to Senator Barbara Boxer I'm writing to you about a situation of the greatest urgency. Last year, I narrated a film called "Unprecedented" by American journalist Greg Palast (currently writing for the London Guardian). This film documents the illegal expunging of 54,000 black and overwhelmingly Democratic voters from the Florida rolls just before the presidential election. We interviewed the computer company that did the work, filmed their explanations of the instructions they received and their admissions that they knew that their instructions would produce massive error. That figure has now been revised to 91,000.CLICK to read Peter Coyote's Letter
posted by STEVE 7:38 PM
"The press has become an arm of the state," Mr. Belzer said. "The whole mind-set of the mainstream press seems to be strangely muted and cowardly. I was watching the BBC yesterday, and someone asked the question, ‘What will the Iraqis say when people in America can’t speak out without being criticized?’ Read Article
posted by STEVE 7:37 AM