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{Thursday, May 15, 2003}


Texas GOP halts effort to arrest Democrats
By JAY ROOT and JACK DOUGLAS JR./ Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram

On the eve of a deadline for key legislation to live or die, the Republican-controlled Texas House of Representatives formally halted efforts to arrest the 51 Democratic legislators who fled to Oklahoma. CLICK HERE TO READ

ALSO: Read this CBS News Version/CLICK HERE

PHOTO CAPTION : Wearing red bandannas sent to them by "personal messenger" from country singer Willie Nelson, four Texas House Democrats walk out of their hotel in Ardmore, Okla., late Wednesday. From left are Reps. Barry Telford of De Kalb, Patrick Rose of Dripping Springs, Jim McReynolds of Lufkin and Mark Homer of Paris. McReynolds held up a note from Nelson that said, "Way to go ... stand your ground." Nelson also sent T-shirts and eight bottles of whiskey to the Democrats, who are trying to thwart a Republican redistricting plan.
posted by Pam 10:32 AM